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EVA 28 Archive:

Here you will find the Powerpoint Presentations of all the speakers that attended the event. 

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All Change, a second look at first conclusions and practices.

Eddie Obeng

All Change!    The second edition will be out after the summer.  


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A Call to Arms

Simon Taylor & Carolyn Browning

In this presentation, Carolyn and Simon reflect on the trends and themes in Project Controls and how we as a profession need to refocus and raise our standards to further our profession and the success of our projects.

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Stay in Control by Starting in Control

Joseph Lee

Does a projects lose control or was it never in control to begin with? This presentation explores this concept and identifies some reasons why control might be an illusion or might not be?

Making the Change Stick - Don't be too WEIRD

Maddy Sears

A reflection on the impact of culture and society and the way people think; why we should reflect critically on theories and models, and some things to consider around behaviour and cognition when trying to enact business change.

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Lessons Learned: Resetting Major Programmes 

Jemma Dunne

Sharing insights from the National Audit Office’s recent work on Lessons Learned: Resetting major programmes. This report uses our experience of auditing programmes to draw together insights to help decision-makers determine whether they should reset a programme and how to increase the chances of a reset succeeding. 

Implementing IVM

Iain Milne & Frank Mortimer

Speaking on the progress of implementing EVM reporting and the stability and structure that it is bringing.

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How to Succeed with Design-to-Cost. A challenging Norwegian case

Peder Berg & Paul Torgersen

The Norwegian Police have, for many years, needed a new National Police Response Center (NPRC) to keep up with the changing security situation in society.  This is the story of how this remarkably successful project was delivered.

Critical Chain - A Version on a Theme or a Significant Difference 

Ian Heptinstall

Ian shares some of his research into how it has been used, by whom, and what they are saying about the impact it had on project delivery.  He gave an overview of the critical chain method, and then share a range of case studies of organisations from different sectors that not only used the method but claimed it let to significant improvements in project delivery performance.

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The Road to the Net Zero Commitment to Drive the Future of Sustainable Avaiation

Mark Robinson

As Head of Business Performance and Digitalisation of the Airbus Widebody Aircraft family, is a leading advocate in utilising Digital technologies and competencies in supporting Programme Management to drive sustainable business change.

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