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EVA 30 Archive:

Here you will find the Powerpoint Presentations of all the speakers that attended the event. 

The Rise and Fall of the Project Manager

Joseph Lee

The Rise and Fall of the Project Manager.png
Building Relationships and Should-Cost Modelling.png

Building Relationships Across the Dreadnought Alliance 

Vivek Vashi

EVM Needs a Little Love

Mark Heath

EVM Needs a Little Love.png
Using data not to do projects.png

Using Data Not to do Projects

Jason Hones

Making Friends with AI – Just chat to it

Dave Hurren

Making Friends with AI.png
Delivering Value from Major Projects.png

Lessons on Delivering Long-term Value from Major Projects

Hedley Ayres

The Kids are Alright

Dr Hannah Lowe

The Kids are Alright.png
Communication Between the Generations.png

Boomers … XYZ – AIR – Communication Between the Generations

Paul Fisher and Beth Young

How Innovators Thrive on Risk and Opportunity

Val Jonas and Trevor Jay

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